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Succeeding at Your New Year's Resolution
At the start of the New Year, many of us will resolve to lose weight, but by the next day, week or month, most of us will have given up trying. Few will have lost weight and even fewer will maintain the loss.

How do we go about achieving some measure of success?
Reading Food Labels
If you want to develop some healthy eating habits or improve your diet, try doing some light reading at the grocery store. Reaching and/or maintaining a healthy weight means eating smart. You need to know what is in the food you eat and until recently that has not always been so easy. Now you can look for nutrition information on products with the introduction of two types of nutrition labelling in Singapore.
What's the Fuss about "Fat Burners"?  
You walk into a drugstore and you see rows upon rows of herbal remedies & other weight loss products. Are you tempted to try these products? Do you wonder about the claims being made? Before you go out and buy one, read this article first.
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